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Persian Whole Rosebuds

Pure and Simple Floral Elegance

Our Persian Whole Rosebuds offer an exquisite touch of luxury and versatility, perfect for a variety of uses including tea, decoration, and culinary applications. Grown and farmed organically, these rosebuds bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to any occasion.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Uses: Ideal for making rose tea, decoration, ingredients in soaps or bath salts, and other crafts.
  • Minimalist Pot-Pourri: Can be used as a simple yet elegant pot-pourri.
  • Organic Farming: Rosebuds are grown and farmed organically in Persia, ensuring premium quality.

Product Highlights:

  • Premium Quality: Carefully sourced and organically farmed to provide the highest quality rosebuds.
  • Eco-Friendly: Sustainable and environmentally conscious choice for floral decorations, crafts, and culinary uses.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Adds a touch of natural beauty to any setting, enhancing the ambiance of special occasions.


  • Tea: Brew whole rosebuds in hot water to create a fragrant and soothing rose tea, perfect for relaxation and a touch of luxury.
  • Decoration: Adds a sophisticated and natural elegance to any event or home decor.
  • Crafting: Ideal for use in handmade soaps, bath salts, candles, and other DIY projects.
  • Culinary Uses:
    • Tea: Infuse whole rosebuds in hot water for a delicate and aromatic rose tea.
    • Edible Decorations: Use to garnish cakes, pastries, and other desserts, adding a touch of floral beauty and elegance.
    • Flavored Syrups: Infuse ro