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Determining your Dosha

Doshas are the energetic substances that make up all things in existence, comprising the 5 elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit. The 3 Doshas all determine the properties and characteristics of an individual, and influence the way in which we respond to our environment, the lifestyle we require and the specific practices that we can implement to improve our overall health and wellbeing.

Determining your Dosha type can be a nuanced and complex process, based on your health and your physical & emotional characteristics. We offer consultations and care-planning services with our Ayurvedic Consultant for this reason.

However, getting started on your Ayurvedic journey does not need to cost you a penny, and we have compiled a list of information to assist with this below.

Try taking our quiz to get you started!

The Dosha Quiz

Try to categorise your responses so that there is one answer per question. Think carefully about which answer suits you most of the time or is where you consider your personal baseline to be.

That being said, we are creatures of nuance! If you feel that you fall evenly across 2 answers to a particular question, please assign a half-point to each response in that question.

The quiz is split in to 2 sections - one relating to your physical characteristics and the other relating to your mental & emotional characteristics. This is because we often find that people may have one predominant Dosha in their physical body, while encompassing another predominant Dosha in their mental & emotional self.


Discover Your Dosha: Ayurvedic Quiz

Physical Dosha

1. How would you describe your physique/build?
   - A. Thin, with a light frame
   - B. Medium build, muscular
   - C. Solid, with a tendency to gain weight


2. How would you describe your skin type?
   - A. Dry, cool, and prone to cracking
   - B. Warm, sensitive, and prone to redness
   - C. Moist, soft, and prone to oiliness


3. What weather or climate are you most comfortable in?
   - A. Warm and dry
   - B. Cool and comfortable
   - C. Warm and moist


4. How would you characterise your temperature tolerances?
   - A. Prefer warm environments, dislike cold
   - B. Enjoy cooler temperatures, dislike excessive heat
   - C. Tolerate both heat and cold well


5. How does your natural digestion feel? (Without the aid of supplements or medications)
   - A. Irregular, with occasional bloating
   - B. Strong, with a tendency for heartburn
   - C. Slow and steady, prone to heaviness


6. How would you describe your appetite when feeling healthy?
   - A. Variable, with irregular hunger
   - B. Strong and consistent hunger
   - C. Steady and moderate appetite


7. And what about your general energy levels?
   - A. Variable, with bursts of energy
   - B. Intense, with consistent energy throughout the day
   - C. Stable, with slow and steady energy


8. How is your sleep?
   - A. Light sleeper, with irregular patterns
   - B. Moderate sleeper, with intense dreams
   - C. Deep sleeper, but may wake up slowly


9. What type of exercise do you enjoy most?
   - A. Active and fast-paced activities
   - B. Competitive and challenging exercises
   - C. Calming and grounding exercises


10. How would you describe your natural hair? (When not using products to soften or dye, etc)
   - A. Dry and frizzy
   - B. Fine and prone to thinning
   - C. Thick and lustrous


Mental Dosha

11. How do you react to change?
    - A. Easily adaptable, but may feel anxious
    - B. Resistant to change, can be competitive
    - C. Steady and calm, may resist change


12. What about your usual reaction to feeling stressed?
    - A. Overthink and worry
    - B. Become irritable and hot-tempered
    - C. Tend to withdraw and feel lethargic


13. How would you describe your usual mental state?
    - A. Creative, with a scattered mind
    - B. Focused, with a tendency to be critical
    - C. Stable, with a relaxed and calm mind


14. What would you consider your communication style?
    - A. Fast and talkative
    - B. Assertive and direct
    - C. Thoughtful and deliberate


15. How do you approach decision-making?
    - A. Quick and spontaneous
    - B. Analytical and competitive
    - C. Slow and methodical


16. How do you feel you react in emotionally-charged scenarios?
    - A. Easily excitable and expressive
    - B. Intense and passionate
    - C. Calm and steady


17. What do you consider your main learning style?
    - A. Enjoys variety and spontaneity
    - B. Prefers structured and organised learning with clear goals/outcomes
    - C. Patient and learns at a steady pace


18. How would you describe your creative-thinking?
    - A. Expressive and imaginative
    - B. Innovative and strategic
    - C. Methodical and practical


19. What is your approach to problem-solving?
    - A. Generates multiple ideas quickly
    - B. Analyzes and strategizes thoroughly
    - C. Takes a measured and steady approach


20. How would you describe your sociability?
    - A. Sociable and enjoys diverse company
    - B. Assertive and competitive in social settings
    - C. Relaxed and enjoys smaller, intimate gatherings


- Count the number of A, B, and C responses for both physical and mental questions.
- The dosha with the highest count in each category is your predominant dosha (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha)


Mostly A's: Predominantly Vata
Mostly B's: Predominantly Pitta
Mostly C's: Predominantly Kapha


Discover both your physical and mental doshas to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique constitution and embrace Ayurvedic practices for holistic well-being.

Check out our page with individualised approaches to utilising your understanding of your dosha type to maximise your health & wellbeing!

Alternatively, book a consultation with us, where we can discuss any particular concerns, formulate a care-plan and create customised lifestyle, diet & exercise plans for you!

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