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Add elegance to your look with these stunning brass bangles, handmade in Nepal.

This unisex Tibetan bracelet features an engraved wide design and is perfect for any occasion, from weddings and graduations to birthdays and Valentine's Day. The beautiful gold colour and engraving style add a unique touch to your outfit.


Crafted with high-quality solid brass, this bracelet is not only stylish but also promotes healing and wellbeing through resonant qualities. Perfect for anxiety, nausea, headaches and joint pain!

Brass, containing copper, is esteemed for its efficacy in addressing skeletal ailments like arthritis and osteoporosis by fortifying bones and joints. Its detoxification properties aid in eliminating toxins from the body, attributed to its chemical composition and interaction with metabolism.

Made in Nepal, this one-of-a-kind piece is perfect for those who appreciate unique and authentic jewellery. Order now and make a statement with this beautiful Tibetan brass bracelet.

Handmade Tibetan Brass Bracelets - Buddha or Tree of Life


Happy Solstice!

  • Adjustable (open-band):  8cm radius x 3cm wide