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Sacred Blue Lotus grown organically on a small farm in Sri Lanka. Harvested by hand and naturally air-dried to preserve the quality of this beautiful flower. Prepared and packaged in the UK.


Cones are hand-rolled to order to ensure freshness and maintain the premium quality of this beautiful herb.


Rolled using RAW unbleached, organic hemp papers and unbleached filter tips.


Each pre-roll provides approx 1g of premium Blue Lotus petals.


Ancient brewed recipes call for approx. 5g of flower per 1-litre of liquid, equal to about 1.25g per cup/person, these pre-rolls are the perfect single measure.

These flowers are prepared by hand and every care has been taken to remove all stalk and pod material. However, small fragments may remain.


Therapeutic Uses:


Inspired by the ancient Egyptians' revered elixir, Blue Lotus, enriched with calming alkaloids, nuciferine, and aporphine, offers a gentle and serene experience. Beyond its historical and cultural significance, the Blue Lotus Flower has been associated with various therapeutic benefits. These may include:

- Calming and relaxing properties

- Anxiety and stress relief

- Mood enhancement

- A gentle sleep aid


Additionally, the flower has been linked to enhancing spiritual practices, such as:

- Meditation and yoga

- Lucid dreaming

- Psychic abilities

- Enlightenment

- Universal connection

- Channelling 🌿


Blue Lotus Pre Rolls (Nymphaea caerulea) Incense Cones

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