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Sacred Blue Lotus grown organically on a small farm in Sri Lanka. Harvested by hand and naturally air-dried to preserve the quality of this beautiful flower. Prepared and packaged in the UK.


Each bag is packed with approximately 2.5g of prepared lotus flower to ensure that you can benefit from this powerful flower's effects.

To use as per ancient recipes, find further details below for other applications, and check out our Blue Lotus Flower page for more recipes and information on this magical flower.


Ancient recipes call for approx. 5g of flower per 1-litre of liquid, equal to about 1.25g per cup. Ancient Egyptian recipes also suggest soaking the flower in wine for increased potency.


The Enchanting Sacred Egyptian Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus Flower, scientifically known as Nymphaea caerulea or Nymphaea nouchali, is a captivating botanical wonder that has fascinated