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Pre-Ground Sacred Blue Lotus flower, grown organically on a small family farm in Sri Lanka. Harvested by hand and naturally air-dried to preserve the quality of this beautiful flower. Prepared and packaged in the UK.


This product is the ground from whole dried flower with the pods removed, and therefore will contain petals and stamens only.


Ready to use for brewing/decoction, blending with other herbs and burning.

If brewing, Ancient recipes also suggest soaking the flower in wine for increased potency.


The Enchanting Sacred Egyptian Blue Lotus


The Blue Lotus Flower, scientifically known as Nymphaea caerulea or Nymphaea nouchali, is a captivating botanical wonder that has fascinated civilizations for centuries.


Originating from the Nile region in ancient Egypt and prominently cultivated in South-East Asia, especially around temples, this flower boasts a rich history, profound cultural significance, and a myriad of versatile uses. 🌍

As you embark on the journey of using the Blue Lotus Flower, let us delve into its captivating history, understand its cultural significance, explore its diverse applications, and recognize its therapeutic potential.


Inspired by the ancient Egyptians' revered elixir, Blue Lotus, enriched with calming alkaloids, nuciferine, and aporphine, offers a gentle and serene experience. Beyond its historical and cultural significance, the Blue Lotus Flower has been associated with various therapeutic benefits. These may include:
- Calming and relaxing properties

- Anxiety and stress relief

- Mood enhancement

- A gentle sleep aid

Additionally, the flower has been linked to enhancing spiritual practices, such as:
- Meditation and yoga
- Lucid dreaming

- Psychic abilities

- Enlightenment
- Universal connection
- Channelling 🌿

Pre-Ground Blue Lotus Flower (Fine)

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