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This gift set includes a selection of twelve carefully chosen precious stones to enhance meditation and crystal healing practices.


From the balancing energy of red jasper to the calming influence of rose quartz, these stones offer a diverse range of properties to support emotional well-being and spiritual growth.


Presented in a magnetic box with an eco-friendly jute drawstring bag, this set is ideal for anyone seeking balance and tranquility in their spiritual journey.

Stones included:
- Red Jasper
- Snowflake Obsidian
- Green Aventurine
- Rose Quartz

- Sodalite
- Yellow Aventurine

- Unakite
- Amethyst

- Labradorite 

- Tiger's Eye

- Hematite

- Clear Quartz

Natural Crystal Healing stones Gift Set (12 stones & pouch)

SKU: S03723085

Happy Solstice!