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This Yoga Rug is perfect for yoga studios, meditation spaces, or as a decorative piece in any room. Its soft, comfortable cotton texture provides a welcoming surface for yoga practice, while the 7 Chakras design adds a spiritual dimension to the environment.


More than just a rug; it's a piece of art that offers comfort, style, and spiritual harmony. Handmade in India using sustainably-sourced 100% cotton.

Measuring 60x200cm, this yoga rug is a versatile addition to your home - serving as a rug, a beautiful wall-hanging, or an eco and skin-friendly alternative to polymer yoga mats.

🌿 Crafted with care from pure cotton for comfort and durability 


🧘 Adorned with the symbolism of the 7 Chakras for spiritual harmony


🎨 Handmade in India, adding an authentic touch to your offerings

Handmade Indian Chakra Yoga Mat/Rug/Wall Hanging, 60 x 200cm, 100% Eco Cotton