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Elevate your spiritual practice with this Sage & Stone Divine Energy Smudge and Stone Wellness Kit.

This kit includes everything you need to cleanse your space and promote positive energy flow.

The smudge stick is made with high-quality cedar sage, while the precious stones kit includes a selection of seven carefully chosen precious stones, each tailored to enhance meditation and crystal healing practices.

Complementing these stones is a cedar sage smudge wand for cleansing, a palo santo stick to alleviate stress, and a selenite crystal wand for purification rituals, offering a holistic approach to spiritual well-being. Use the smudge stick to clear negative energy from your home or office, and then select the crystal or gemstone that resonates with your intention for the day.

The inclusion of an abalone shell for safely holding embers and a convenient drawstring bag completes this set, providing a complete toolkit for anyone seeking balance and tranquility in their spiritual journey - whether at home or on the move!

Whether you're looking to boost your creativity, promote relaxation, or attract abundance, this kit has something for everyone. Harness the power of nature and take your spiritual practice to the next level with the Sage & Stone Divine Energy Smudge and Stone Wellness Kit.

Divine Energy Smudge and Stone Wellness Kit

SKU: S03723079

Happy Solstice!